What Are Climate Controlled Storage Units And Are They Necessary?

What type of storage unit is right for you?  In recent times a good deal has been made about the climate controlled storage units now found at many a self storage facility.  But are these units actually necessary, or are standard self storage units up to the task of protecting most valuables?  At Hudson Self Storage, the standard units at our New Hampshire storage facility are proof positive that in most cases you don’t need to pay extra for climate control in order to keep your items safe and sound.  So what exactly is climate control, and do you really need it?

Climate control can mean a lot of things as it pertains to storage units.   For one it can mean that a unit is either heated or cooled, and even if it is heated it may not mean the degree of heat you would imagine.  In fact it could mean that the unit is only heated up to 55 degrees or so.  Or climate control might not refer to temperatures at all.  In many cases it refers to humidity control; the point being that the automatic assumption that climate control refers to pitch perfect temperatures in your unit is not always the case.

Climate controlled units are also much more expensive than traditional storage units.  This is because construction costs for climate controlled storage units, depending on where you live, can be as much as $1-$1.50 more per square foot to build.  Of course, those costs are passed on directly to you the consumer.  As such, climate control units are often rented for roughly 25% more than regular units.

Which might be understandable if climate control was an absolute necessity for your belongings.  The truth, however, is that it isn’t.  While items such as very rare antiques may indeed benefit from a climate controlled unit, the truth is that the vast majority of household items and goods do not require climate control.  Knowing this, why pay more out of pocket for a climate controlled unit just because someone tells you that you should?  The perfect condition the valuables of our clients maintain during the cold New England winter are firsthand testimony to the effectiveness of non-climate controlled units.

At Hudson Self Storage we remind you to do your due diligence in order to find the storage unit that works best for you.  Hudson Self Storage is committed to treating your belongings as if they were our own, and we invite you to join the many who’ve found a home for their valuables at our storage facility.

Hudson Self Storage Provides A Host Of Storage And Moving Options

At Hudson Self Storage, we know that people expect a variety of products and services from their storage facility; chief among them of course safe and secure self storage units. Our New Hampshire facility provides such units in spades, as well as moving and storage supplies, moving truck rentals, and a host of other amenities that cover the wide spectrum of moving and storage needs our customers encounter every day.

The decision to store your valuables with us is one we don’t take lightly. In terms of safety and security we treat your belongings like we would our own.  Our mini storage facility is securely gated and fenced, assuring that only those who belong on the premises are allowed in. And for your convenience we’ve made it possible to accommodate customers who need 24 hour access to their storage unit. In this way accessing your belongings is easy no matter what your everyday schedule.

Hudson Self Storage also goes the extra mile to help you in the moving process by offering a host of moving and storage supplies. These include extra large, large, medium, small and wardrobe boxes, as well as:

  • Mattress covers
  • Bubble wrap 15×100′
  • Stretch wrap with handle
  • BPS packing tape
  • paper padding 18×72
  • Wrapping paper 25 lbs
  • Locks

If it involves moving you’ll find it at our facility, and that includes truck rentals.  We are an authorized U-Haul dealer, and can provide you with the vehicle you need to facilitate your move in an orderly fashion.

As a 42,000 square foot facility with over 350 units, we are able to provide you with a number of options in terms of unit size and pricing to suit your storage and budget needs.  All of our units are ground level units, allowing for easy drive up access.  And storage units are also available with inside and outside access depending on your preference.

Choosing the right storage unit is a matter of doing your due diligence, and the first step in that is remembering that not all storage units are created equal. For that matter neither are all storage facilities. Look at a facility as a whole, and determine if in terms of safety, security, cleanliness, accessibility, and affordability it lives up to your standards.  At Hudson Self Storage we treat your belongings as if they were our own, and go the extra mile in ensuring a safe home for your belongings.